Credit Management

Manage Customer Credit, view their bills easily, allow them access to view their own bills, create credit limits for customers and even more

Island POS: Superior Credit Management

A critical element of fostering strong customer relationships in retail is credit management. The ability to offer, manage, and track customer credit can elevate a business's reputation, loyalty, and revenue. Island POS, with its advanced Credit Management feature set, allows businesses to take full control of customer credits, ensuring flexibility for customers while maintaining security and efficiency for the business.


Key Features

Manage Customer Credit:

Have complete oversight of the credit extended to each customer. With intuitive tools, businesses can adjust, track, and manage outstanding amounts seamlessly.

Bill Accessibility:

Empower customers by allowing them access to view their own bills. This ensures transparency and fosters trust between the business and the clientele.

Customizable Credit Limits:

Establish and manage credit limits for customers based on trustworthiness, purchase history, and other custom criteria. This ensures that businesses can offer flexibility without compromising financial security.

Efficient Credit Tracking:

With built-in tools, track credit histories, payments, and outstanding amounts for each customer. This provides businesses with valuable insights and aids in financial planning.

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