Product Catalogue

Easily send the catalog link to your customers through Viber or print a scannable QR code to keep on your desk.

Island POS: Seamless Product Catalogue/Menu Sharing

The dynamic landscape of customer-business interaction is elevated with Island POS's feature allowing convenient Product Catalogue or Menu sharing. Engage your customers, whether they are in your establishment or browsing remotely.


Highlighted Features

Digital Catalogue Creation:

Easily curate and update a digital version of your product catalog or menu, ensuring real-time accuracy for customers.


Viber Integration:

With just a few clicks, share your catalog link directly with customers through Viber, bringing your offerings right to their fingertips.


Scannable QR Codes:

Generate QR codes linked to your product catalog or menu, and display them on your desk, walls, or promotional materials. Customers can quickly scan and access, enhancing the in-store experience.


Responsive Design:

Ensure your catalog or menu looks impeccable on all devices, from mobile phones to tablets and desktops, with Island POS's responsive design.


Analytics Insights:

Gain insights into customer preferences by tracking which products or dishes are viewed most frequently, aiding in inventory and promotional decisions.


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