Sell & POS Terminal

Add sales, delete sales, manage sales returns, taxes, payment methods, cash registers, specify cashier in receipt.

Island POS: Efficient Sales and Terminal Management

In the heart of every successful retail operation lies an efficient Point of Sale (POS) system that not only processes sales but offers comprehensive management tools. Island POS's sales and terminal functionalities promise to simplify and enhance retail operations, ensuring a smoother customer experience and optimized business processes.


Key Features

Add Sales:

Streamline the process of adding sales, ensuring quick and accurate transactions.


Delete Sales:

Offers the flexibility to delete sales entries, providing an essential tool for managing errors or changes in sales records.


Manage Sales Returns:

Efficiently handle and process returns, ensuring customer satisfaction while maintaining accurate sales records.



Automated and adjustable tax calculations integrated within the system, ensuring compliance with regional regulations.


Payment Methods:

Supports a variety of payment methods, from cash to digital transactions, enhancing the checkout experience.



Cash Registers:

Manage multiple cash registers seamlessly, ensuring accurate cash flow tracking and reconciliation.


Specify Cashier in Receipt:

Improve accountability by specifying the cashier's name or ID on customer receipts, fostering trust and clarity in transactions.


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