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The Staff, Salesperson, and Cashier feature set provides advanced user management with roles, permissions, and commission agents.

Island POS: Advanced Employee Management

In a fast-paced retail environment, the management of staff is crucial. Whether it's ensuring the right person is handling the cash register or overseeing sales, assigning roles and permissions helps businesses run like a well-oiled machine. Island POS understands this need, introducing the Staff, Salesperson, and Cashier feature set. This solution equips businesses with an arsenal of tools tailored for advanced user management, taking the complexity out of staff administration.


Highlight Features

Role-Based Permissions:

Create and assign custom roles for employees, each with its own set of permissions. This ensures that employees can access only what they need, ensuring security and efficiency.

Commission Agents:

Reward salespersons for their efforts by setting them up as commission agents. Track and calculate their commissions based on sales, enhancing motivation and performance.

Assign Roles to Locations:

Operate multiple business locations? Assign roles specific to each location, ensuring that employees have access and permissions tailored to their designated workspace.

Predefined Roles:

Streamline the setup process with predefined roles such as Admin and Cashier, making it easy to onboard new staff and get them up to speed quickly.

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