Manage Contacts

The Suppliers & Customers feature set streamlines contact management by categorizing them as suppliers, customers, or both.

Island POS: Comprehensive Contact Management

Island POS's Suppliers & Customers feature set offers businesses a streamlined approach to managing contacts, ensuring that every relationship is well-maintained and organized.



Categorized Contacts:

Effortlessly categorize contacts as suppliers, customers, or both, facilitating targeted communication and management.


Payment Terms & Alerts:

Set and manage payment terms for different contacts, ensuring timely payments. With integrated payment alerts, never miss a due date again.


Transaction Tracking:

Gain insights into your business's dealings by tracking detailed purchase and sell transactions for each contact, ensuring clarity and transparency.


Extensive Contact Details:

Store and access comprehensive contact details for each entity, be it an employee, customer, or supplier. This centralized system ensures that crucial contact information is always at your fingertips.


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