CRM Features

Our software has many features, including a customer logins granting customers access to their individual invoices and bills.

Island POS: A Comprehensive CRM Experience

With Island POS's CRM functionalities, businesses can effortlessly manage and enhance their customer interactions, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty at every touchpoint.'


Key CRM Features

Customer Login:

Empower your customers with a dedicated login feature. Let them have real-time access to their transaction history, invoices, and bills, fostering transparency and trust.


Individual Invoice Access:

Customers can effortlessly view their individual invoices, ensuring clarity in transactions and reducing potential disputes.


Personalized Billing:

Offer customers the convenience of personalized bills. With a record of past purchases, suggest products, or offer tailored promotions, enhancing the shopping experience.


Feedback and Interaction:

Engage with your customers by enabling them to provide feedback on products or services. This two-way interaction helps businesses improve and adapt based on customer needs.


Automated Notifications:

Keep customers informed with automated notifications about new products, discounts, or important updates, ensuring they always stay in the loop.


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