Collect Plastic Bag Fees

Facilitate the collection of such fees and include them in invoices. This ensures that the invoice layouts fit the MIRA guidelines for invoice layouts.

Island POS: Plastic Bag Fee Collection Made Easy

Environmental concerns have prompted various regulations and initiatives, with the aim to reduce the harmful effects of plastic on our planet. One of these is the imposition of Plastic Bag Fees by many regions and governments. Island POS, being at the forefront of retail solutions, has integrated features to ensure businesses can effortlessly comply with these regulations, seamlessly collecting the appropriate fees and ensuring they are accurately reflected in customer invoices.


Key Features

Automatic Fee Addition:

With a simple setting activation, businesses can ensure that the plastic bag fee is automatically added to transactions, eliminating manual entry errors.


Invoice Integration:

Ensure transparency with customers as the plastic bag fee is clearly itemized and reflected in their detailed invoices.


Customizable Fee Values:

Recognizing that plastic bag fee regulations may vary by region, Island POS allows businesses to easily customize the fee value as per local mandates.


Compliance Reports (Coming Soon)

Generate detailed reports on plastic bag fee collections, ensuring accurate records for compliance and auditing purposes.


Environmental Initiatives:

Businesses can choose to display their commitment to the environment, showcasing the total number of bags saved or the total fees collected over a period, promoting eco-friendly practices.


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